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    BDP5600/12 and Skype...

    Hi all,

    I am living in a Philips induced nightmare it seems!

    I am about to work abroad and want to use Skype on my (Philips) TV to communicate with home.. I bought a BDP5500 and experienced the lock up problems that have been reported on this forum leading to constant unplugging etc. I couldnt stand thatand it seems crazy that we should be expected to put up with it so, I returned it and bought a BDP5600/12 which I hoped would not suffer.
    Meantime I had ordered the Philips recommended conference webcam at over £100 from Freetalk, it took 2 weeks to arrive from Hongkong.
    The BDP5600 has proved very stable so far with no lock ups however, there is no Skype icon and no apparent way to connect easily to Skype. With the BDP5500 there was a Skype icon on the start screen. Also, the camera gets a "USB device not recognised" message when the Player is switched on.
    Philps helpline basically said that The BDP5600 cant be modified or changed to incorporate Skype thats not what their website says.
    I am despairing now, any ideas welcome. My only thought is to send the BDP5600 back and go for the BDP5500 again and suffer the lock up issues.


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