the message below has just been sent to the support. Would like to know if other people are experiencing the same issue.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I bought the BDP5100/05 two months ago.
I have updated the player to the latest firmware which is v1.5.3. Since then, I have noticed the player stopped responding while playing videos. This means the video will continue to play but it will be impossible to stop it or pause it. Videos are read from a USB device.

They are .avi files. The file size can go from 300 MB to 2 GB. The only way to stop the video is to remove the power cable.

This error can happen on a random fashion. For example: playing a .avi files of 300 MB will work perfectly fine the 1 st time, and the second time it is played again (right after the 1st time) then the problem will come up. Videos shorter than 9 or 10 minutes are not affected from what I have noticed.

Maybe it has something to do with caching videos or I don't know? I understand there is no immediate fix, just wanted to report it. I understand there is probably no immediate fix.

The fact that the video can work perfec! tly fine certain times, and then have the problem other times makes me think the video file is not the source of the problem but rather the firmware or video-handling process of the player.

Kind Regards, Bertrand HUMEAU
I can watch one movie perfectly fine from USB. but, if I try to watch another one, after 10 minutes or more, the player will stop responding to pause or stop commands. The video will continue playing perfectly, just unpausable and unstoppable.

Any idea?