Hi there,

I've got a Philips 46pfl8007, and since the previous last update of my TV I seem to have issues with my Panasonic DMP-75 blu-ray player.

When I power-on the blu-ray the TV goes into 'dead' mode, not even responding to the remote control. I need to unplug the power of the tv before it does anything again.

I've already:
- did a full reset
- upgraded to the very last software (with help of philips chatdesk enabling the last update for my serial; thanks Dave!)
- waited 30 minutes with all cables out of the tv (not even coax in it).
- again, full reset
- new cables (philips HDMI cable, again on advise of the chatdesk).
- checked for updates from Panasonic: none
- When I link the blu-ray to another philips (46PDL8908, no issue is found, it works perfectly).

But the issue stays... My best guess: something in the previous last update killed support for the Panasonic blu-ray player.

My question:
- Anyone else experiencing similar issues? Both TV and the Blu-ray were hevy sold, can't imagen I'm the only one noticing