I have a 47PFL6678S TV, running firmware QF2EU-
I also have a Yamaha RX-V771 receiver (firmware 1.47).

I can't get ARC to work anymore. If I try to change the settings for the speakers to On, then change it back to EasyLink-Autostart, the tv does say "Changing to amplifier" (or whatever it is in english), but nothing else happens - it still runs the sound through the tv speakers.

Now, when I got the tv, it did work beautifully! The tv was able to switch the amplifier on and of, and the sound was sent to the amplifier. Then,, all of a sudden, it didn't work anymore. I'm not sure if it stopped working due to a firmware update (I've had the tv for four or five months), but it wouldn't surprise me...

Any idea how I can get this working again? Or is it (as I would think) a firmware bug?