Dear All,
MyRemote 4.22 has the potential of becoming my favorite app on the ipad IOS 7.0.3.

There are several Philips products connected in my network, which should work with MyRemote:
- smart TV 42PFL6877H/12 running software-update QF1EU-
- smart TV 32PFL6007H/12 running software-update QF1EU-
- three streamium products was700/22
- two streamium products was7000/12

The problems I encounter are:
- The MyRemote app crashes randomly during start-up.
- SimplyShare takes forever to find all clients on my network. Since the devices and their ip addresses hardly change on my network it would be far more efficient to store a list of known devices / ip addresses, and additionally provide an option to rescan the network to adapt to changes on the network.
- The naming convention of SimplyShare is not generic. Only the names of the television devices can be changed to more convenient names like 'TV living room´. Unfortunately this provides only a temporary solution, since this name change is not persistent. The only permanent solution is to change the TV network name in the television software. This is an approach which cannot be done for all apparatus e.g. streamium products. My streamium devices all show up in SimplyShare using the same name. Therefore there is way of knowing the location of the device in the house. A more generic approach would be to provide ALL devices the same option to edit their name persistently in the SimplyShare application or at least to show some unique properties like their UUID.
- SimplyShare in combination with a Twonky server allows me to play one music number after another on my streamium devices. Random play or playing a list only works on the televisions mentioned above.
- SimplyShare looses its state after switching to another app. Meaning one has to start all over again; one has to select the media, select the music, and the played on device (taking again several minutes to reappear and without knowing the location of the device in the house).
- The TV guide coupling to your mobile device is not persistent. Forcing one to turn on the television to reinstate the coupling which destroys the purpose of the app.
- WI-FI smart screen never worked for me. I have tested this using the free channels on UPC. I can see the channel names at the bottom of the screen and swipe though the channels, but I have never seen the actual television signal on the screen.

Any help from Philips would be appreciated. I am willing to provide additional details or to do some beta testing.