Hi guys,

I have been experiencing an annoying problem with a 42PFL5405 television I own.
Apparently, when I connect it via HDMI to my laptop and play sound, there is a clear sound loss for about 2 seconds rather often. It does not seem to occur within the first few minutes when the TV is turned on and appears to be affected by whether the television was in stand-by or not.

There are a number of people around me I know complaining about this problem with their similar televisions (which I advised them to buy...)

I have upgraded the firmware numerous times, and am now on 140.034, and so are the rest of the people I know.
Unfortunately, we are still experiencing the same problem.

I would like to address some of my colleagues (yes colleagues, as I work at Philips Research Eindhoven myself ) to solve this issue or inform me on what I am doing wrong/could be doing to prevent this.
I am in doubt on whether I should file the television as defective and request a new model.

Thanks in advance