want to use Philips 32" TV as Monitor for Computer (MAC)


- 1080p; HDMI; 32 Zoll; A(A+) {max: ca. 35W}
- Backlight LED adjustable (ECO Mode maybe 255 Steps?)
- Light Sensor - Automatic Adjust to Lightsituation in Room
- "PixelToPixel"; HDMI Input (switch off ImageProcessing)
- No oversaturation or hard edges on PC-MODE
- VESA (or other Mounting capability/think all have that?)
- Acceptable Sound over HDMI

Have it hard to select the correct suitable Modell; Image Adjustments are Important, specially Backlight-Brightness; PC-Mode-HDMI, Contrast

I like the fresh Original Colors of the Displayed Content; Whereas its the Question if this is Important for PC-Mode; switched off ImagePocessing; than the built in Paneel is the factor.

- Are there Direct-LIT Models available (32")
- Are the Edge-LED Models good enough lit in the edges
- Are IPS-Paneels built in Philips TVs, If not all which ones are?
- What Models can be Suggested for use as PC-Monitor?

A Automatic Adjustment of Baclight Brightness (Eco Mode Adjustment) will be very Important. TV will be to bright for Use as Monitor. Has to be able to Downscale to zero, without Flickering in the lower Brightness Levels.
Adjustment Automatic to Light Level in Room will be very appreciated.

Adjustment of Brightness and other Parameters via Webif or/and iOs APP will be nice. Is there a Gateway to this Parameter on a potential available LAN Socket?

I look for a 32" Model - NOT a special built "Computer Monitor";

Any Suggestions, or maybe Tests available?

You can write in German if you like.