Hello everyone

I possess a 21/9 gold model which is 2 years of age by now.
I bought it from philips online store ( France)
firmware installed is 96 and current sf is

I have tried almsot everything to upgrade with NO success

- tv says firmware is up to date although it is clearly not
- I downloaeded firmware from philips site installed it on usb stick on root ---------> tv says : no file found !
- I called in last resort philips support, they did send me usb stick with firmware - closed the tv - plugged stick - opened tv -------------> no file found on usb stick !!!!!

How Can it be posible not to be able to upgrade my TV, I find it very very disapointing.

From the day I bought the TV I never could upgrade it by myself !

Philips sent me a techy last year for the same problem and after 1/2 hour or so he managed to upgrade it to 96

now it's again imposible to get out of this messy situation and of course warranty is off now, tech. will not come anymore under warranty

please if somebody have had similar issue can he share experience so that I feel less stupid

thank you