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    Angry When turning on the TV it doesn't go to the last source used


    I just bought the 47PFL5008K TV and found the following issue:

    I have 2 HDMI connections, one is for the cable box and another a streamer. But no matter which connection I was using before, when turning on the TV it always goes to the streamer connection. This is very annoying since I usually leave it on the cable to watch it, and would expect it to go back to it when I turn on the TV.

    I think that before the last software update it was fine, but can't trust my memory on that (I used the TV for some days before doing the update)

    I searched all the menu options for something but found nothing related.

    Is this the expected normal behaviour? (would be weird since every TV usually remembers what you last watched)

    Things that I tried:
    -Unplugging the TV for at least 5 min.
    -Unplugging the streamer's HDMI and replugging it (of course when the streamer was unplugged the TV would turn on on the cable, but after putting it back it reverted to the unwanted behaviour)
    -Redetecting the devices from the Source menu

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