Hi all!

Wish I didn't have to post something like this as my first entry into a new forum, but...

I bought a brand new 46PFL8605 today, and about two hours into my ownership of it, half of which was spent getting it onto the wall it's going on, it suddenly went black, showing a two-flash blink code from the power led. At the time it went dead, I was working on the HDMI-CEC settings on my surround receiver (Yamaha RX-767).

I've tried the standard solutions from the manual - unplug, let it cool totally, then try it again - which just gets me the same blink code once the power is turned back on. After that I phoned the retailer, and they're repairing or replacing the set without charge. Before that happens though, I thought I'd make sure it wasn't something I did - I really don't want to brick another set...

What I was doing exactly when the screen went black was, I turned on a setting named "HDMI Control" on the receiver. Prior to this, the TV remote was controling both the TV and receiver volume and power, so I'm worried that I may have short-circuited the software by having both units act as "masters", like what happened when you tried to use two IDE Master disks in a PC. (I have no idea if this can even happen in the HDMI spec, I'm a home theatre noob of the first order). Is this a possibility, or is this a matter of coincidental timing?

My other question is, is there a real list of what the flash codes in modern Philips TVs mean? While trying to figure this out, the only list I could discover was from the early 00s, and listed "two flashes" as a problem in the high voltage circuits - and AFAIK, LED TVs don't have those. An up to date list posted somwhere accessible would be nice.