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    Philips 46PFL8605 + PS3 + HDMI 1.4 = 3D No Go

    Dear ladies, gentlemen and Philips representatives,

    It's easter so I can not ring ANYONE, my queries in the USA are denied 'cause regardless of similar issues, they are prohibited from helping customers in Europe (I'm from the Netherlands fyi).

    So I've had a 60GB "oldschool" PS3 with a rather old (but good) HDMI cable, an oldschool Philips telly... I've upgraded, this is my current system;

    I have 2 playstations, 1 for gaming, 1 used as a media-streamer & have 1 TV for each.

    2x 46PFL8605 Philips 46" 1080p
    1x PTA-002 + 4x PTA-003
    1x 60GB Playstation 3, old model
    1x 320GB Playstation 3, new model

    The 46PFL8605 + old model PS3 works flawless, no 3D enabled or required.

    The setup that matters;
    1x 46PFL8605
    1x 320GB PS3, new model
    1x PTA-002 (3D unit) + 4x PTA-003 (glasses)
    1x HDMI 1.4 highdef,highspeed cable (40 euro's, 30ish pounds, 65ish dollars), that came in best-tested

    The Playstation 3 is running on software version 3.60, well able to manage 3D images.
    The Television has been updated to software version 000.140.034, released April 11th 2011

    The way IT SHOULD work;
    # Hook up Playstation 3 to the Phillips 46PFL8605 using a HDMI cable of quality 1.3 or better (PS3 manages to display 3D via 1.3) in any of the available HDMI slots (1.3's, the HDMI1 being a 1.4 connection)
    # Settings > Display Settings > Video Settings > HDMI > Automatic Detection > up to 1080p
    # The PS3 subsequently, directly, detects that the TV is able to display 3D and the PS3 adds 720p (3D) & 1080p (3D) to the mix
    # You set your screen size (in inches), auto-detects it quite well usually.

    The way it works for me, the problem:
    # Hook up DONE
    # Automatic Detection & HDMI settings, done
    # NOTHING! It just doesn't seem to grasp that my Philips TV is a 3D display unit.

    After the failure I tried it once again on the HMDI1 (ARC) channel, the screen flickers & cuts out for several seconds, non-stop. Tried editing my "Video Settings" but to no avail, still no 720/1080p (3D) options. An issue the OLD PS3 + same telly + same cable does NOT share. Then again, via HDMI1 (ARC) there's no 3D option either so it's not just (or at all) the new PS3.

    I tried looking for an "Enable 3D" or any form of confirmation that 3D is in fact enabled... nothing found on the telly.
    I tried looking for a "Activate 3D mode" in settings or on the remote.... nothing found.

    I can not test if 3D is in fact enabled cause my ISP (Ziggo) pulled the plug on the 3D channels they were broadcasting, there's no 3D demo that I can find or ANYTHING that indicates the PTA-002 is working as intended.

    If you detect anything I'm doing wrong, you figured out how to do it right or if you can point me in the direction of a guide on how to fix this issue... or if know of ANYTHING basically that can help, please reply. I'd hate to think I just wasted 2200 euro's on new tellies, a playstation & 3D accessoires.

    Thanks in advance for your replies,
    - JW
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    what 3D content are you testing? You need some 3D content to activate 3D - without it isn't possible...


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    you can also test 3D content via PS3. Do you have 3D content in mkv format? (most times SBS is used).
    with playback of such filesyou will find the option via quick access to enable 3D viewing.
    there you have to select side-by-side or top-down.

    without such content you do not have this option.

    so please indicate which content do you use for 3D testing.


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