Hello everyone,

I am from Denmark and I bought a 55PFL4508T/12, which has integrated wifi, wi-fi direct, miracast etc.

I wanted to stream content from my pc to the tv. So I read this should be possible with Wi-Fi media connect. However I cannot donwload it because it requires a code. The site says: "To download the free software, enter the code found in the menu system of your device. Consult your user manual for direction on locating the code"

Howeve I cannot locate the code! it's not in the manual, nor behind the tv "sticker" nor in the tv menu system (or at least I cannot find it).

I can also see the tv in my list of wifi's but it requires a password (which I don't have) to connect (not sure it even has anything to do with this).

Can someone please help me with this ?

Also I am connected to my wireless network and yesterday was able to browse the net on it. However today when I go on smart tv it says it's a demo, and wants me to go online even thoguh I am connected. Any ideas?

Does it perhaps mean that I need to purchase the media connect usb dongle? I don't think I should as this new tv has built in wifi.