Today's implementation is not really practical. When browsing through your media archive (e.g. on a NAS or USB/CD/DVD), one can only see 8 folders at a time. To see the next page one has to scroll down by pressing the 'down'-key eight times. As the RC currently can handle only about one keypress a second, this will take a while. If you have 100 folders on your NAS (e.g. music albums), this will take you about two minutes... I'll never hear ZZ-Top again... And people that have only few media files will not buy a NAS hence do not need DLNA...

Suggested improvements:
1. be able to hold the 'down'-key (and/or the 'up'-key) of the RC, by which it will keep on scrolling (instead of multiple single keypresses)
2. enter the starting character of the folder (similar as chars are entered for URL's on Net-TV) to jump to the first folder which name starts with that char (as one jumps to a contact on your mobile)
3. use some keys for page-up/down (don't see any obvious ones, maybe the colored ones?)
4. 'double'-ring cursor keys on RC for page-up/down (on next products, as on the Philips TV RC)

Is it possible to improve this, not only in upcoming 2011 models, but also the existing models?

PS. There are very valid requests made on this forum for improvements on stability
and support for other file formats.

But if it is not convenient to locate and start a file (music/movie), even the best stability nor support do not matter any more, as you won't even try to play the file.