Does anyone ever saw HD from Filmbox ? I subscribed for that, they say it is streamed HD if the bandwith is ok , but it is only ugly SD image.
Here is my unanswered mail to them:

I subscribed for your service hoping that I will able to see HD content on my 55 inch TV (Philips 55PFL8007k/12 ). Sadly, no channel labeled as HD does stream HD, even if somewhere at you FAQ section I read that as long as the IP link is enough for HD then the stream is HD. Not even on my Dell Inspiron N5010 core i5 I neved saw HD.

In terms of hardware my home network is capable of streaming hd content (even 1080p), a have a Edimax BR-6524N Wireless Router capable of 300 Mbps and an internet subscription of 100Mbps , and I can stream wirelessly 1080p from laptop to TV, I can see Youtube HD with the TV app.
Even if I used wired connection the TV does not trigger the Filmbox to show HD, but only foggy SD, which is no joy to watch on such a big screen.
I just tried only my laptop connected directly on provider's Ethernet wire and still no HD. Adt the provider is RDS-RCS one with the fastest Internet speed in Europe. Check the attachment.

I am only hoping that your HD advertised streaming is not only a commercial lie, otherwise you will lose one client and many others that I would not recomend you.