I just bought a 55" 1080p 240 MHz from best buy and I'm not satisfied with net tv. I thought I would be able to search the Internet with some sort of google app. Also though I would be able to use you tube and can not find that app. It is weird that I have to go through Zulu to see the apps instead of add then to that main screen when you hit the nettv button on the remote. How can I add apps there? Also I see that there is a favorites section in Zulu but can't figure out how to add apps there. Or if I wanted to search for an app o can't figure out how to do that. I want to see you tube and can't find that at all. I'm in the USA if that helps. I'd figure that YouTube would definitely be available. Where is it? Should I be looking outside of that Zulu section? When I hit nettv button all I see is Netflix vtuner Zulu and twitter

What am I doing wrong?