I have a weird bug on my Philips 60PFL6008. Whenever I switch to computer and/or game mode the whole image gets shifted 5 pixels to the right. You can then see a 5 pixel column on the left side unused (black).

I have verified this using multiple inputs (HTPC, PS4) and I have also verified it's get shifted (and not squashed) by checking what's visible on the right side (you lose 5 pixels of information).

Googling around it seems this is a known Philips issue which has popped up on older models and (according to the release notes) fixed on those models.

For example: http://www.p4c.philips.com/cgi-bin/c...w_partial.html
In which firmware upgrade literally states: "Solution for picture moves 5 pixel right when in PC/Game mode"

This firmware fix for last years model was released April 2013, so I'm really surprised this bug hasn't been fixed yet for this years models.

So, please, can this be fixed and added to the next firmware release?