This is just to make people aware of a problem I’ve had with my Philips TV, to do with recordings. I believe that other people have had similar problems.

I have a Philips 32PFL4258T from which I record programmes onto an attached USB disk. I have recently found out that if I perform a software update then all recordings done with prior versions of the software become unwatchable. The Philips Customer Care team said to me “It will not be possible to watch the old recordings from this tv set. It is so due to tha fact that the files recorded by the tv are coded because of the copyrights reasons. After the software update the code of the tv changes so, unfortunatelly the old recordings are lost.”.

The last software update I performed was because I had no alternative – the response times on the TV had become very poor and I couldn’t navigate the list of recordings, so Philips sent me the new software on a USB stick. This was just after I had recorded lots of programmes to watch over Christmas !

The only “good” news is that apparently the software updates are not automatic, so I will be declining them in future (unless of course I hit major problems with the TV). These are not to be confused with channel updates, which can happen while the TV is in standby.