Good day Philips,

this is TV number 2 and I am kind of tired of returning it so I want to have this set and done by tonight or tomorrow.

The TV goes on, it lights up the logo and...... Stays there. The logo appears and does not go away, nor does the TV respond to anything of the remote. This is surely a softwarematic issue and we have tried several thing in order to let it go passed the logo and actually do what a TV is supposed to do: showing te-le-vi-sion.

But no luck, so I am at my final option. Philips, what and where is the reset button or what is the combination for the complete reset (like menu up + volume down or whatsoever)

Please show me any sign of a reset button or meassurement in order to reset the TV without the use of a remote. Warranty expire is a risk I want to take, I am sick of waiting and I want this thing to work.

Thanks in advance