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    Definite way to make external subtitles work?


    I recently bought a 55PFL8008S and have some problems getting subtitles to work. I have researched a bit, and found that SRT-subtitles are not supported over DLNA, so I am mostly testing with USB-storage connected straight into the TV.

    First I tested the MKV container, with an embedded SRT. Audio/Video was fine, but no subs. So I extracted the SRT subs from the container, renamed them to have the exact same name as the video file, and put them together in the root folder. Again, audio/video was fine, but still no subs (and yes, I set them to 'enabled' with the remote control).

    So maybe I'm missing something very basic, but could someone please enlighten me as to how to make this work? Is there a problem if the MKV contains an embedded SRT and there's an external SRT alongside the file? I really don't want to transcode files if I can avoid it.

    Edit: To add, I'm also running the latest firmware version (from December 2013).


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    Quote Originally Posted by JXD View Post
    First I tested the MKV container, with an embedded SRT. Audio/Video was fine, but no subs.

    Hi JXD.

    This issue is currently being investigated.

    Please update your TV to the latest software version 173.46.

    Please provide the following information thereafter:

    - Full TV model
    - Serial number
    - Codec information of the MKV with embedded subtitles

    You can extract the codec information using 3rd party software such as GSpot Codec Information Appliance.

    You can also send this information to me in a private message if you prefer.

    Best regards,
    Forum Mod

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