Multiple questions, some of which I asked in my other thread about my computer not recognizing my GoGEAR Ariaz/Azure SA5AZU16KF player:

1. What type of USB connector is on the player itself? I've narrowed down my connection issues to being with either a bad cable of the connector on the player, as it does eventually connect properly if I wiggle the cord. I don't have any matching cables at home, so I was wondering what to look for to try to borrow or buy another cable to confirm where the issue lies.

2. I reformatted my player as part of troubleshooting that problem, and I didn't have the installers for Songbird or the Media Converter backed up. I could download the correct versions of the manuals and the Device Manager from the page for the SA5AZU16KF, but the rest of the software that was included wasn't listed. I did find what looked like the latest versions of both other programs on other players' pages - will those be okay should I ever need to reinstall the software?

3. The SA5AZU16KF does support .m3u playlists, so I copied the contents of my old RCA .mp3 player over to my hard drive and used Winamp to resync them to the SA5AZU16KF. Unfortunately, even though the playlists appear fine if I actually look at the files in Notepad, and work fine and pull the correct .mp3 files from the right locations on the SA5AZU16KF if I open them in Winamp or WMP, the SA5AZU16KF does not open the playlists correctly in Playlist view. Either it lists incorrect tracks, or it will list blank space for some tracks at the beginning of the playlist and then start listing later contents correctly. If I try playing one of those later files, the first track whose name is shown is considered the first track of the playlist, and tracks that aren't in that playlist are added to the end (and which do not show up in Playlist view when looking at the list). Oddly, some playlists work fine, but I haven't been able to pinpoint exactly why.

Files that show up as blank spaces don't play if I choose a black space. Instead I get an unsupported file format message. If I browse through Album or Artist view for the file, it shows up, and plays fine.

Since my RCA did have a limit as to the length of the full path and filename of a file, I had everything syncing to Music\<insert Genre here>\<insert filename here>.mp3 when I synced stuff to the SA5AZU16KF, since I figured that if there was a similar limit that I wouldn't trip it (all playlists did work on the RCA player). The playlists all synced to the Playlist folder on the SA5AZU16KF, and all playlists are at least detected as being there and do open, even if the contents display incorrectly. All files are .mp3 files. No filenames have any odd characters that would cause any problems with .m3u files (some of the song titles and artists do, but some of the files that work have odd characters in them (Japanese characters, mostly), so I wouldn't think that's a problem).

Because of the length and odd characters in some of my album and artist names, I didn't want to use WMP to sync my playlists. I did try it, however, and that didn't work either. In addition, I tried to import my playlists into Songbird, and some of them weren't imported. I did notice that ones that didn't import into Songbird had longer titles.

I have repeatedly tried reformatting and resetting my SA5AZU16KF, but that hasn't helped. I do have the latest firmware version (1.12). After fighting with this for a week, and not seeing any common reasons as to what some work and some don't work, I figured I would ask. Are there any limitations on playlist names/contents that I'm missing? Is there any other reason this wouldn't consistently work?