I have 47PFL7656 TV (with Ambilight 2) with the latest firmware + Starter kit with 3 E27 bulbs + Ipad Mini IOS 7.
My problem is, that the app doesn't seem to sync the colours on both sides of the TV.
The built in ambilight in the TV seems to work properly, as it is matching the dominant colours on the sides perfectly, but the Ambilight + HUE app seems to follow the left side of the TV only.
I tried to position the bulbs on the virtual screen of the app the way they are physically positioned (2 bulbs to the left and 1 to the right), but if I have a scene on the TV with full red on the left and full green on the right, still all the bulbs turn into RED. After several reconfiguration, the best I could get out is that if I position all the bulbs on the APP virtually to the right of the screen, they won't follow the left side of the TV's Ambilight, but they don't follow anything on the right side of the TV's Ambilight (let it be any colour) either, so they will remain white.
If I just run Philips HUE app, I can change the colour of each bulb individually, so I don't think it is an issue of the Bridge or any of the Bulbs.
Can this be a bug of the Ambilight + Hue app? Or the TV is not communicating something well?

Many thanks for the help in advance.

Kind Regards,