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    Streaming PC to 40PFL5507K/12

    Streaming PC to 40PFL5507K/12

    I'm not succesful to setup a stream from PC to the TV via Linksysrouter

    The TV can display Internet content like HP's. Google eg.

    In WIN7 I use WMP 12, where I can see, but nothing more.
    In Ubuntu I want to use VLC which can serve as a Media Server.

    I need a line for line procedure to solve the problem.
    In the handbook the given info is not sufficient. I'm no IT specialist!
    Who is the active part to stream videos?
    Is it single cast or multicast?

    As I got no answer, I contacted Mr. Wozniak (from Philips not Apple) in Austria, which was very helpful.
    WIth running WMP12 on a Laptp and on TV-remotecontrol:
    press "House" button,
    press network
    The TV answers with scanning. It found both users on the laptop.
    Going on in the TV possiibilities i saw the playlist from WMP12 on the TV-sceen and could select the desired video.

    The buttons on the TV- remote >>, < >>, ||, stop, etc. are usable to control the playback.
    It works nicely. The TV is the active part of the streaming process and the laptop the slave.

    Ext. Powersupply should be used on Laptop, otherwise the energy settings of the laptop may stop the streaming.
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