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    Can not play DVD on a BDP9500


    I just bought a used BDP9500. It works like a charm with BD but when I insert a DVD: Boom!

    The screen goes all weird and if I am lucky I will see something that mostly resembles poor analogue reception - lots of static and mostly black and white. Usually it all ends in HDMI signal lost on the telly.

    I have tried to change the video rate on HDMI but to no avail. The funny thing is that if it goes all haywire, and I eject the DVD and then change the video rate I (most of the times) get a good signal back - but that is only the start screen (play disc, play USB, settings). The second I insert the DVD it goes back to black or static.

    BD plays fine. More than fine. The BDP9500 is a very nice BD player. I just wish I could use it as a DVD player as well.

    The telly is a brand new Samsung 46" thingy, BTW. I have upgraded the FW of the BD player to 1.09 (the latest).


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