Hi Guys

I need your help.

I bought player yesterday, made firmware update and so far all is good. But I do not understand all correct, so maybe you can help me.

I use both HDMI (1 for TV, second for AVR (Rotel 1560). I selected for HDMI Main, Audio off, HDMI AVR Audio Bitstream. So my Rotel does all the sound-things (TrueDolby and so on).

I also use the player for SACD, but the Rotel doesn't know the DSD formate. So I want to use the Player for decoding and send the cpm in max quality to the AVR. I tested yesterday and the Rotel told me 88kHz for the PCM sons-quality. So what do need to change to receive at least 176kHZ at my Rotel by PCM from the Player. Will it help to use the analog out? Does the down-sampling option has anything to do with it?

Hopefully you understand my bad english....thanks for help.