The TV that we bought from Costco went out 12-30-2013, exactly 2 years from the date we bought it (12-30-2011). My husband call on 12-31-2013 to their CONCIERGE service. The beginning of our calls to and from Concierge service (case 5286807). They finally called and wanted pictures of the TV's screen when it was on. I sent about 5 pictures via email with the case number on each email.. Finally on Jan 17, 2014 a nice young man came out with the repair box to fix the TV. Company supplying the parts, sent the wrong part for my TV. This young man thought that it was the screen, not the parts. Jan. 20 2014 another 2 men came out with the "right" parts, and put them in. Still didn't work, and they felt that it was the screen. They said that someone would be calling us. We have receive a number of calls, and finally one telling us that they would be sending us a new one, and a box to return the old one. It is now Feb. 4, 2014 and we still don't have a TV. I am not sure where to put the blame, but I am not happy with the SLOW service that we have gotten. This was a PHILIPS TV, that was put on our American Express card. My feelings all of this should have been taken care in a timely fashion, which it definitely not this case.
This TV was on about 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. It was never abused, and still had the plastic on the base.
Would like to know now, who is going to hook up this TV when and if it ever gets here? ? ?