I bought my HTB3510 a month ago. The firmware version is v1.23 (China).
I have had tried to update it through both USB and Internet , but all failed.
For Internet , the theater can find the new version software and process to download the software. While the process bar comes to full, however, the theater's screen keeps no changes. It won't mention the download is over, or anything else. All I can do is that press the CANCEL bottom , and the theater tell me "stop download, the machine will restart in 5 seconds" (Chinese).
For USB, I unzip the bin file with folds UPG or UPG_ALL at the root directory of the USB disk, but the theater always show "searching software". No more can been done except power off the machine.
What can I do?

ps. I do these in Chinese UI, I translate the prompts from Chinese to English.