Dear support,

I own a 40PFL7605H and it has never showed me full EPG listings. I only get the current and next program.
Why is that...???
My brother has a much-much older 32-inch LG and has full EPG.
I also own a Sony which is a CRT model. I did not throw this away with the digital switchover because it has an unrivaled screen...!!! So I have equipped this tv with a local market low-end external mpeg4 tv-tuner (EDISION) page:
Even this cheap (average price 35 to 40 euro) external tv-tuner has full EPG
Why this is not the case with my Philips TV...???
Please be clear on this.
1. Is this something with royalties that have to be paid or received from anyone side?
2. Is this a matter of access rights or anything other like that?
2. Is this a matter of software update so Greece and Greek language can be included in EPG? (although I have my tv-set settings in English as an OSD)
3. Do newer Philips TV sets have the same issue with my model
4. Will we ever see full EPG here in Greece or Philips has abandoned us since this is an old model already...???


George Nikolakopoulos