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    AirPlay to NP3900

    My wife recently asked if she could play songs from her iTunes library (on her MacBook) on our NP3900.

    I considered replacing the NP3900 with one of the music players currently available that support AirPlay. However, I couldn't find anything that suits our needs better than a combination of the NP3900 and an AirPort Express.

    The NP3900 is in a location with poor Wi-Fi reception. My solution has been to connect the NP3900 to the router via powerline Ethernet (specifically Devolo dLAN 200 AVsmart+ which I recommend). Now I want to add the AirPort Express to the setup. Fortunately the AirPort Express can act as a hub as well as an AirPlay client. I connect everything as follows.

    powerline Ethernet adapter
    powerline Ethernet adapter
    ["WAN" port]
    AirPort Express
    ["LAN" port] [audio out]
    | |
    [Ethernet] [MP3 Link in]

    The AirPort Express is configured with Wi-Fi switched off, Network set to bridged mode and AirPlay enabled.
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