Dear users,

Please note that the AirStudio+ v1.2.2 is now ready on App Store, the benefits are:

Friendly tips:
1) This app update works with your Wireless HiFi firmware ver H5.80 S or higher, please remember to update your device firmware
2) If you are using a 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz dual band router, please connect your phone to your 2.4Ghz network before you run the Wireless HiFi setup
3) If you have any feedback and questions, please email us at or contact us at our forum
4) AirStudio+ app needs 600MB free memory on your apple device

What's new:
5) Added an Album view under Genres for local content
6) To let you easily identify which Home Server is in use for music streaming, the icon associated with the server is added on the browsing screens ( for phone only)
7) A new item named "About" is added under settings to provide a link to Philips forum for any support needs you might have

What’s fixed:
8) Fixed some app crashes that happened during the browsing of NAS which has multiple nested subfolders
9) The app will not activate Airplay enabled products which are in standby mode
10) Minor bug fixes

What’s improved:
11) Improved FLAC playback (this improvement requires device firmware version 5.80S or higher)
12) Pop up message is added to inform you that you have (non-playable) protected tracks where you might want to change to their non-protected version
13) The updated setup sequence will help guide you through the Standard Setup and avoid inadvertently entering the WPS Setup by pressing the Wi Fi setup button longer than 1 sec
14) A link to the FAQ is added in the setup page where LED colors are explained in case further help on setup is needed.

Kind regards,
Philips moderation team