since 11 months I own a HTB9225D/12. Unfortunately the HDMI hub is very instable. I upgraded to the latest firmware and reset to factory settings, but that did not resolve te HDMI-related problems:

I get a repeating problem: TV works ok for 2-3 min. then blackout during 3-5 sec. and so on or home screen.
I ve tested with many source, Apple TV, Xbox360, TV decoder…. same problem.

Cables are new.

Product bought the are 11 months ago, and the problem is not solved!
Product has been return to Philips 4 times, problem is not solved!

I am very Disapointed with Philips after sales service because the product still does not work then it was not used and that the guarantee of one year is almost finished.

Does it exist a solution?

I think i will send back this product to Philips to be repaid, if i can't find a solution here, on the forum, because product has been return to Philips 4 times and the problem is not solved!