There seems to be no easy way to contact Gracenote about channels that are missing information or has the wrong information. I hope that someone at Philips can contact them and get them to update their database...

In Sweden and/or the Nordics these channels are missing or have the wrong info:

BBC HD Nordic missing, there is info for the english and other versions
BBC Entertainment Nordic is missing
Viasat Hockey Sweden (Both SD & HD) missing, only the Finish version shows up
Viasat Fotboll, Motor, Sport HD versions is missing
Viasat History Sweden missing, only the Norwegian version shows up
Viasat Nature/Crime missing
Nat Geographic HD Sweden (and other Nordic versions) missing
Nat Geo Wild HD Sweden (and other Nordic versions)
Discovery Showcase HD Sweden missing
FOX HD Sweden missing
FOX SD Sweden missing
Travel Channel SD & HD missing

TV4 Sport has moved from channel 12 in Sweden to a different channelplace and the TV4 Group has renamed the channel to TV12 - the channel info is correct, but it stills shows the old TV4 Sport logo instead of the TV12 logo.