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    Remote freezes on Smart TV

    I have a BDP5600/55 updated to version 2.20 firmware. I bought it on the 16th of March.
    My wife promptly had an accident and we haven’t used it. I have watched one 30 minute show on Netflix. We have played no discs of any kind. I do not have any Blu Ray discs. I do not even have a HD TV (analog Philips). I have streamed for 1 minute at a time to test the streaming. I can’t seem to stream a URL from Windows Media Player to it. (Play To)

    Today I was finally going to give it a run. The remote (physical one) that came with it will not function on the Smart TV menu after 1 minute. The selection freezes where ever it was and will not move or select. I can go to the home screen and it is back to normal. I can select any menu item from home other than Smart TV and the remote works as expected. I have reset all settings via reset to default. I have unplugged the unit for 1 min to 1 hour. This gets me use again for 1min till the freeze again. I just reset defaults and then left unplugged for the night.

    It has new batteries. I tried other new batteries as well. The MyRemote app acts erratic on smart tv. The browser remote does as well. Smart TV takes a vacation after only 1 min of work. I wish I had that job.

    This is 10 day old machine. I expected much more from it. I live in a South American country/city where the return policy is far less than liberal. And really a trip to the repair it is ridiculous in a week and a half. It appears I have paid 3 times as much for what has turned out to be just a DVD player.

    Is there any help for this thing. Please tell me there is a magic firmware update that will make smooth as butter and spout gold coins as well.

    UPDATE: After a double reset of defaults and letting the unit sit overnight unplugged I tried again this morning. Setup went fine through the user agreements in the smart tv section to the point I got Netflix added, roughly 3 1/2 minutes. The smart tv froze; completely unresponsive.

    However, I could hit the home button and got to the main menu and use the remote as I wished.

    Smart TV has a fatal issue. I will be looking to trade this unit at my retailer today. It is likely they will not so, I need to know of a possible fix.

    EDIT: The seller sent it to his distributor.
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    Hi MissionKen.

    Please see reply in your original post.
    This thread will now be closed as there are multiple threads with the same user and issue.

    Kind regards,
    Philips Moderation Team

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