I have 55PFL8008S and noticed problems with PNM described widely on this forum (concerning other models as well). When its on (minimum settings is enough) in not even very fast motion especially of cars and people there are some distortion on edges of the objects (like blur or something similar, pixel destroyed etc). But its not just about “objects in film, show” but those distortions appear also on channel logo (often upper right corner) and which is much more annoying on subtitles!
I think this is not because of the software upgrade. I have noticed this much earlier. Although I’ve been using my set for almost a year and maybe at the beginning it was less visible (or maybe I have started to notice that bug after some time).

Anyway I strongly agree with opinions like:
“… the only strong point of these TVs is the image and now does not work properly”
“… It looks, like this is common and known issue. Not solved from years.
This is far from smooth motion and in my opinion it shouldn't be called Perfect Natural Motion at all”

Without problem with PNM picture quality of PFL8008S I would rank as a superb, now I don’t recommend buying Philips especially model 8008 which isn’t the cheapest one (that’s a shame). My old Toshiba ZF355DG managed much better with picture processing.

And now I would like to know and be sure if Philips really recognized this problem as: “this is normal”?