Hi, I tried to screen mirror my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on Pfl7008k, however, they failed to connect. The TV stated something about HDCP protection. I am afraid that Samsung supports screen-mirroring only between Samsung devices, thus running sales high. I have no idea whether it is possible to remove HDCP protection from my smartphone. :-(
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What (older) firmware did support Miracast?
And what firmware did behave the best with Pnm? ( for what it's worth, because Philips never made pnm like it is supposed to on these models)

Philips: can we expect new firmwares that do work? Otherwise I'm going to make an official complaint and will do everything for a refund. This 55pfl7008k screen still costs 1500,- euro's in Dutch stores, but it behaves like a 500,- costing screen.