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    Bdp 9600/12 issue "unknown disc"

    I don't have warranty.

    The player plays new movie on bluray, but doesnt play the extras disc, the same it wont play the rental bd. And from time to time it doesnt play any of the discs.

    Always displays a message "unknown disc" reads the disc very long even if it will finally play the disc.

    I have no warranty on this player so:

    - can this be a dirty bd lense issue?
    - can this be misaligned loader? (but the dvd discs play normally so thats probably not the case?)
    - how much does cleaning cost?
    - how much would official phillips service cost me?

    The movie code is:5903570064876

    Edit: now guy told me that is because of the security issues with phillips and the software version, but mine version is 63! Which is the most recent I guess? And its kind of hard to believe because for one time the fresh bluray plays the movie like nothing wrong happenned, for the second time the same movie is not recognized with "unknown disc" message and I can't do anything about it. And he still thinks it is a security issue, is it or not?
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