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    Question Background info on recent SW releases (6xx8 - 9xx8 series).

    Dear all,

    You've seen an unusual number of software upgrades in the past few weeks and we would like to give you some background information on this.
    But firstly we would like to thank you for all your patience and good feedback!

    v173.46 and 173.48:
    As you might know, with SW 173.46 and 173.48 we made some good steps towards better system stability. That was our main focus for these releases: to reduce the number of various reboot issues. From our point of view, this was successful.

    v173.49 and 173.50:
    At this point we had been made aware of a serious security flaw in our TV's regarding Miracast, and realised that we needed to act with urgency. Version 173.49 was created with a solid solution foremost in our minds. However later we found a minor issue with respect to our IP-push mechanism, so we've created v173.50. This, to allow us to “push” the software with this security issue fix via IP to all internet connected TV’s.

    v173.51 and up:
    With 173.51 we intend to bring a final fix that will re-enable the IP-push mechanism again for all devices, and after this has been accomplished we will again see "normal" software releases with more concrete improvements.

    We understand that the last weeks might have been a bit confusing and sometimes even frustrating for you, and we wish to extend our apologies if this has been the case. We hope the above helps to clarify the decisions behind the recent software releases.

    With kind regards,
    The TV moderation team.

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