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This FW is applicable to EU models only.

After upgrading your TV, it is necessary to perform a "cold start". This means that, after the TV is running again (after the update), shut down the TV, wait 1 minute (till all components are shut down), and unplug the TV from the mains (pull power cord) for 2 minutes before starting again.


TPM1013E_003.007.000.001 (Date published: 2014-04-10)
  • Issue fix: (French) Sets blocked, frequently on BFM and M6.
  • Issue fix: Picture is cut off when playing video clips from USB.
  • Issue fix: (Russian) Capital letter issue.
  • Issue fix: Security on SmartTV set.

TPM1013E_003.005.000.001 (Date published: 2014-03-10)
  • Issue fix: In HBBTV the volume bar do no show, but can adjust volume.
  • Issue fix: The volume indicator is not displayed, but can adjust volume.
  • Issue fix: VoD buffers & stops playback in TPM10 (maxdome and watchever).
  • Issue fix: (DE) Skype menus in wrong language since
  • Issue fix: (DACH) Unicable is not working well.
  • Issue fix: (Ukraine) TV cannot recode channel both in DVB-T2 and in cable TV.
  • Issue fix: (Ukraine) cannot type “space” symbol from on-screen keyboard in SmartTV mode.
  • Issue fix: (Ukrainian and Russian) Language in Smart TV, input of capital letters are not correct.
  • Issue fix: TV will hang up when entering Hbb TV menu.
  • Issue fix: Repetitive OSD "channel-update is available in std.-by".
  • Issue fix: T2 channel no sound output.

TPM1013E_003.002.000.001 (Date published: 2014-02-12)
  • [NetTV apps] TV hang-up after video playback in MEGOGO apps.
  • Issue fix: Duplicate channels detection on DVB-T.
  • Issue fix: Subtitles in Netflix are unreadable.
  • Issue fix: (Russia) DVB_T2 reception failed.
  • Issue fix: (Spain) When the customer watching TV, he/she gets the message to enter pin code.
  • Issue fix: (Ukraine) viewing of .JPG pictures from USB issue. Some pictures in .JPG format cannot be viewed correctly on TV screen.

TPM1013E_003.001.000.001 (Date published: 2013-12-12)
  • Sami Subtitle [SF Anytime app]: Sami subtitles are not displayed during movie playback.
  • No video when playback MPEG-DASH clear content but audio is heard.
  • Implement NetTV library V2.08.
  • Ziggo E-sticker icon update.
  • Issue fix: TV not waking up from standby when setting a PVR.
  • Issue fix: DVB-S/ set does return to last program status after stand by.
  • Issue fix: TV boots up with no picture, only audio, when switched on from lounge light.
  • Issue fix: SmartTV hangs after 5-10 sec rewinding.
  • Issue fix: Russian Cyrillic “абвг” letters isn't working in SMART TV Internet browser.

TPM1013E_003.000.000.001 (Date published: 2013-10-14)
  • Implemented NetTV library V2.05.
  • Synchronized Ziggo(VOD) certification solution.
  • Added Telenet broadcast certification: When a channel scan is performed from the TV menu, no digital channels are found when the parameters are not reset.
  • Fine-tune Miracast function with Samsung S4 and LG Nexus mobile phone.
  • Feature implementation: YTLB V4, HBBTV, MyRemote (without recording function), Multiroom function.

TPM1013E_002.030.000.001 (Date published: 2013-10-02)
  • Added NetTV library V1.05.2 for solution of Germany/Turkey Smart TV reboot issue in DVB-S input.
  • Solution for 55PFL4908H in which 3D is not working correctly.

TPM1013E_002.025.000.001 (Date published: 2013-08-07)
  • Fixed Belgium missing DTV channel issue.
  • Slovenia -DVB-T scan with country SLOVENIA: DVB-T channels are located from program number 800+.
  • PQ/Panel data update.
  • Canal Digital certification award and e-sticker enabled.
  • Update Slovenia language translation.
  • Skype no function after SW V2.023 upgrade via autorun.upg.
  • Backlight dimming modification for TXT subtitle.
  • PQ/Panel data update.
  • Issue fix: Unity media certification logo is shown for Country Netherlands instead of UPC certification logo.
  • Issue fix: Analogue channels inside additional settings for DVB-T scan, country Slovenia, should be OFF by default.
  • Issue fix: A HELP menu »?« – electronic user manual – database is empty/nothing is shown on the screen.
  • Issue fix: OSD keyboard should appear in local languages (see Done, Hide, Backspace,…).
  • Issue fix: DLNA server error message: See below. This is not true. All other connected devices can play all content.
  • Add Telenet broadcast certification: DVB-C CAM menu does not allow confirmation of entered.
  • Add Telenet broadcast certification: Fix No network ID can be entered when starting a channel.
  • NetTV library 1.05 implementation.
  • PQ/Panel data update.
  • One PQ for H/T/K model.
  • 4900 model uses 4500 e-DFU (450012125202).
  • Hebrew language implementation.
  • IP Push : Update UI translation for Germany request (IP push and SW USB upgrade).
  • E-sticker update.
  • Field issue: Error 500 while opening IP EPG.
  • Field Issue : [Ziggo]Pin Pop Up is displayed when exiting VOD or inserting CAM or channel switching.
  • Field issue: Network Data Update YES/NO issue.
  • Field issue: Loading of SmartTV portal during 6am update.
  • Field issue: No signal when connect to special STB (Turkey).
  • Field issue: Broadcast EPG DVB-S: First program cannot be selected.
  • Field Issue : Update UI translation for Germany request (DivX UI in Content browser).
  • Service issue: TV cannot dump update.html to NTFS USB.
  • Service issue: RDM issue[IPM-86700].
  • Service issue: IP upgrade sometimes failed.
  • NetTV App improvement - Wuaki TV app issue.
  • Skype kit 4.5 implementation.
  • BBC iplayer certification.

TPM1013E_002.021.000.001 (Date published: 2013-05-22)
  • Introduction of new product ranges (22” and 24” series).
  • Improvement on WiFi connection.
  • Improvement on 3D video. (Only applicable to 3D models).
  • Virtual keyboard is removed after access Smart TV.
  • Updated onscreen help content.
  • Updated predefined channel list for Austria.
  • Corrected OSD errors for Portuguese language.
  • Added translations for software upgrade EULA (End User License Agreement).