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    Problems when recording to a USB device and how to handle the timers.

    I have a 40PFL3008T/12.

    First the user's manual is the worst I've ever seen!
    Strange that a big wellknown Company like Philips can publish such crap.
    It's very poor at explaining functions on the TV.

    1. My first problem is that I can only record one program at the time.
    If I mark 2 programs after each other or at separate times to be recorded only the first program will be recorded.
    On the list of recorded programs both are there but I can only play the first one. The second one are black.
    It runs, the Clock runs during playback but it's a black screen and no sound.
    Any solutions?
    I have tried both an USB-stick and a USB SSD-HDD. Same results.

    2. I want to be able to set a Clock, a startpoint and an endingpoint in Hrs and Min. and in that way be able to cover several programs when recording - recording in one flow.
    I can't find any menu for that. Is this possible on my model? If not, that is crap! This is a basic feature for a timer! The manual have no options for that as far as I can see.

    3. There are two types of timers on my model and that confuses me. What is the difference?
    The manual gives no clue or explanation. Horrible!
    You have the ordinary recording timer. When you mark a program to be recorded in the EPG it becomes red.
    This program will be recorded.
    But you have Another timer called "Timer on event".
    If you choose this the program will be marked in orange instead of red.
    But what does this timer do??
    It does not record the program.
    It doesn't do anything as far as I can see. Nothing happens.
    Can anyone explain this timers function for me?
    I have the latest firmware installed.
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    Hi Kriper,

    I'm going to look into your issue with subsequent recording not playing back properly. And find out answers to your other 2 questions as well.

    Could you please answer the following questions:

    - What is your country of residence and who is your broadcast provider?

    - What is the sizes of your SSD and USB stick?

    Best regards,
    Forum Mod

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