Hey guys,

In 2013 I bought a Philips 42PFL5028H12 Smart Tv. It works perfectly, im glad with it. I watched 3D on Smart TV on Youtube, I had no problems. But for a time I had no sense to watch 3D. After a while like 2 months, I had decided to watch again 3D on Smart TV. But this time it didn't work. It is like: I put the 2d to 3d conversion on, but when the movie starts ( on Youtube ), it put himself back to 2d conversion. Can anyone help me?
I've tryed the 3D on my PS3, it works pefrectly. So I think the problem is on the Smart TV.
When the movie starts on youtube, the first second is it 3D, but then I put him self to 2D conversion, and the 3D button wont work.

PS: Excuse me for my English, I'm from the Netherlands.