is the strategy Philips television division clearly follows when delivering televisions and firmware updates.

This is a conclusion after 8 months pfl7605, having all firmwares installed and having read this forum almost daily.

The advantages of the strategy are clear: fast time to market (eg. being the first with open internet), free beta-testers, and enough money to provide patches and fixes later on. That's why this strategy is used by companies like Google and Social Network Sites when introducing new features. Mostly these are beta releases (the user expects bugs) and more important: they are free. No user will really complain.

The differences with Philips TVs/firmwares are obvious: a television is an expensive unit in the living room. The user is a paying customer. When spending additional money for features like USB playing, s/he expects it playing not only in rare cases. More important most customers don't want to be beta-testers of firmwares to find bugs that every Quality Assurance department of an avarage ICT company would have found in their first regression test.

My wife and I just tried to watch a movie via USB. As we already watched the first hour a week ago, we decided to forward, a wise decision? 38 minutes later we are at the point we ended last time. My wife don't want to watch the movie anymore. I decide to watch it alone. After 10 minutes the movie stops suddenly and the next movie starts playing.

A response like: Can you please provide us with the exact model and firmware you are using? What is the format of the movie, can you send us a sample of the movie? will make things worse.

The real problem is that the firmware development team (or developer) isn't capable or allowed to implement normal navigation features or supporting other codecs. Maybe these features will be propagated on the next tv models marketing site of Philips (TPV).

I think we've to live with the fact that this generation televisions is crappy.
But don't stop dreaming. One day you'll open this forum and read: We are proud to announce our next firmware v1.100.1.1. bla bla and there is a Now & Next feature !!!!!!!!!!