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    Thumbs down My thoughts on 40PFL8008S/12 and related series

    If you read this, chances are you care about your money and want a good product... Trust me, go with another brand! Or at least test it first!

    After a few months of experiencing the Philips Smart TV I wanted so much:

    Tired of the lack of performance, I almost threw out the TV today when I tried to use the Internet browser or YouTube app and Miracast!!

    Philips, please fix your software, or stop selling these things... at least stop tricking people into paying thousands of dollars for a piece of s... hardware weaker than an Android phone. It has lots of features, but none of them work correctly!

    40PFL8008S/12 FW 173.50
    - Perfect Natural Motion - blurry, instead of making the picture more clear
    - menu VERY SLOW and unusable and annoying!
    - SMART TV: few apps, SLOW, SPAM (takes good seconds to load some stupid commercials)
    - Internet browser is so slow, it can't be used, clearly that was added just for marketing (has anyone from Philips tried it? if yes and still released it, they are very old and fell asleep until the pages loaded)
    - Miracast... are you kidding? After trying to connect for 4-5 minutes, when it finally connects, it disconnects after 3-5 minutes of use (not to mention the 2-5-10 seconds image delay - weak processor)
    - randomly reboots when having a HDD connected to USB and configured for recording (why have 3 USB ports if they cannot be used??)
    - TV guide VERY SLOW, cannot be used and also SPAM.. takes a long time to load a picture with a commercial
    - after some period of watching TV, when touching any button on the remote, the channel changes (or when pressing the the Channel up/down buttons they are reversed on the first command)
    - DTS decoding is weak.. sound drops once in 5-10 seconds
    - sometimes when turning the TV on, it says a channel update is available and will be applied the next time it's switched to Standby: only once it truly had an update that I saw (new channels in channel list), the other times, nothing happened and the message kept appearing after multiple OFF/ON or Channel Search attempts
    - Digital channels take a long time to change/browse
    - Ambilight on the left side became dimmer or warmer (tested with static ambilight)
    - weak network connection speed
    - 3D is not as great as other brands (no wonder there is no demo clip, as ALL other brands have)
    - even the demos from the menu (red key) are not functioning correctly: I see no difference when the screen is divided in two to "show off" the features )) that's just lame
    - no subtitles from DLNA if it's external file (I know it's intended, but lame)
    - other things I can;t remember right now

    I wish I tested this stupid TV before I bought it. By the way, is someone from IT or a manager ever reading a post on this forum, even just out of curiosity?? Your sw updates are never relevant to our feedback!

    Things I like about this 1500 euro TV:
    - Ambilight (well, used to like, before the left side got tired and became dimmer/warmer)
    - the TV remote design and that it's RF and the fact that the TV also has infrared receiver and can be controlled with another remote (android phone)
    - the MyRemote app, great features, but even that is not working properly: sometimes it has huge delay in the Wi-Fi smart screen mode until it stops (don't even try to blame my router like in other threads, it's an Asus RT-AC68U with a better processor than this TV)
    - the subtle built-in camera
    - picture quality (after customization)
    - design

    So, although I have this "smart" TV for more than 30 days, I demand my money back, or at least half of what I paid... I want to buy an LG or Sony.


    Even the forum is not working correctly (keeps logging me out every 5 minutes or so and when logging back in, it takes me to the forum homepage).

    PS: Please take the time and read this, as I took the time to write it. And maybe show it to a Manager or something... either IT or Customer Support, Sales, whatever!

    Thanks and sorry for the long post, but I can't take it anymore and want my money back!

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    Hi Cristian.

    Thank you for the feedback you have provided, both here and in the software threads. You should not apologies for the long post. As I have said before: The more details you guys provide, the more I can do with it!

    I can certainly confirm that it has been received, read, understood and sent on to the development team. All the feedback we receive is read and sent on.

    Please also see the private messages I have sent you.

    Best regards,
    Forum Mod

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