Let there be light: Your team. Your colors. Your flag.
Now it’s possible to cheer your team to victory in glorious Ambilight.

With the Philips Ambilight TV app you can select your countries national flag or national color to surround your TV in the colors that matter most to you.

Versus mode places the national colors of the teams that are playing—in bright Ambilight colors the whole family can follow—on the side of the pitch they are playing on.

The app is fully interactive too! From goals to penalties, you decide who gets flashing red or yellow cards, and when it’s time for celebration ‘fireworks’ or to lead your friends in a stadium wave. You can even create your own custom Ambilight halo using an image you import.

And for those with a need to be heard, Cheer mode adjusts the intensity and speed of the light whenever the ambient sound in the room intensifies, so you can literally see the impact as you cheer your team to victory.

There’s even a button that lets you share your set up via Facebook™ or Twitter™ to show your friends (and the world!) that you and Ambilight are your team’s biggest fans.

To get started you'll need:
- Europe/Russia: Philips Ambilight Smart TV 2011 model or newer
- Brazil/Argentina: Philips Ambilight Smart TV 2013 model or newer

Ensure that:
• the “Ambilight TV app” is installed on an iOS or Android smart device, with the software versions:
- iOS: SW 6 and up.
- Android: SW 2.3 and up.
• The smart device(s) and the TV are connected to the same home network.
• The Ambilight TV has NetTV or SmartTV.
• For the best experience and the latest fixes (performance, connectivity and responsiveness), download the latest TV software via your TV (supported models) or from the Philips website (www.philips.com/tv)".

For more info see attachment:
Philips Ambilight TV app - how to use and install.pdf