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    HDMI - No Signal - 47 PFL 4007


    Purchased TV in June 2013. This TV (47 PFL 4007) was working fine till 14th April 2014. HDMI cable was connected to HDMI port 1 (ARC) from set top box.

    Problem 1: All of a sudden, this HDMI port (1 ARC) stopped recognizing all devices, including DVD Player and other set top boxes.

    Problem 2: Though there was no problem with set top box, this was not recognized by other HDMI Ports (2,3 and Side). HDMI Ports (2,3 and side) recognized other devices until 10th May 2014, but stopped recognizing devices when I turned TV on by late evening.

    Now all 4 ports stopped working.

    I tried 1. factory reset, 2. Reinstall TV, 3. Checking Various HDMI cables, 4 Checking devices with other TV.

    Cannot watch digital TV using set top box. No RCA for this TV, component video is working, but need to purchase 2 RCA to Audio Y cable (This is all what I know to see TV now ).

    Can anyone help please.

    Any help from Philips
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