I have a 55PFL6188 Philips TV, and according to the EU 'Energy' label it is rated at 63 Watts (87 KWh/annum).

I have been concerned by the fact that my TV is currently gobbling 80+ Watts, so as a simple test I have factory reset ('reinstall') my TV. I then picked a static, black background program (any encrypted satellite channel will do so it just says 'Encrypted programme').

Next I go Options -> Picture & Sound.
The current Picture Style setting is 'standard'. This gives me a consumption of 32.4W
When I go back to my preferred option of 'Movie' my power consumption jumps to 85.1W!!

Remember this is a black screen with no content (apart from the menus)!! Light sensor has been turned off. No USB are devices plugged in. No Wi-Fi connection is active.
The 'Energy bar (leaf symbol)' goes from 40% to 60%, yet my power consumption more than doubles?! Is the Energy bar exponential?

Can anybody test their TV (can be 6/7/8/9xx8 series) and see if they get as big a difference?