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Other standby conditions offered by the product, which are disabled by default but can be enabled by the user according to his or her preference, are not covered by the standby requirement.

This issue was resolved with software version QF2EU- (Date published: 2013-09-05) – “Improvements in quick startup implementation”.
1. If the user was able to turn the feature back off without resetting the TV it would have been aggravating but acceptable. However, the menu entries are non-functional and misleading.

2.The 6xx8 models are meanwhile at and none of the quick start-up functions are working. Defining time slots has no effect. Auto learning doesn't seem to have any effect other than eating 30 Watts permanently.

Lessons learned:

Philips TV software appears to technical users a disastrous, trial-and-error code with poor quality assurance. It looks as if it was knitted by some SW shop in India who accidentally won the bidding process with a very low price. The logical move to now switch to android as a basis since 2014 is an evidence that decision makers know how bad their TV products have been.


You may have won this discussion, wiggled your way out of your responsibility very well. On the sustainable side (if you even know what that is) you have created a bunch of frustrated and cheated users who will remember their user experience with your products. If I had to bet I would guess, the TV vertical of Philips will be sold to a Chinese emerging vendor within 24 months.