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    About the unwanted reboots; first they need to investigate what is causing these problems because not everybody seems to have problems with rebooting. For example; I don't have this problem!

    About the P.N.M.; This really MUST BE fixed soon!! Please PHILIPS fix this feature!!! That was one of the important features of a Philips TV. The P.N.M. dissapointed me completely! I suppose i don't need to explain the problem because it's written so many times already.

    Everywhere i read the advise to disable the P.N.M. because it don't work good! So what sense have this feature if we can't use it? Anyway, I turned it off now. It's Very annoying to watch a football game when the P.N.M. don't work like it should.... Without P.N.M. the TV works good. But i want to use the P.N.M. in good ways! I was having high expectations about the P.N.M. but untill now it isn't working good!

    Regards, Jarno.
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