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    BDP9700 and Synology DS213j NAS - metadata over DLNA

    Hi all,
    I am using Synology NAS as media server for BDP9700. It went fine to connect it, and play most of the media files. But what I am not able to make working and would like to ask for an advice:

    1) Is it possible to pass video metadata (such as description, director, actors, thumbnail picture) from Synology to BDP? In BDP UI I can see four placeholders in both access approaches:
    - thumbnail
    - some kind of date
    - "unknown"
    - "unknown"

    What I just want to make sure, if the problem is in BDP or in NAS.
    Any idea how to pass data to these fields? Does this work for anybody with different NAS?

    Only point I have found:
    There are two ways how to acccess movies via Synology - a) directly by folders, or b) via "Video station" feature of Synology. If I choose "Video station" feature, the NAS passes to "some kind of date" the date, in which the movie was fistly introduced, and BDP displays it. So this IS metadata.
    Looks it could be in the mapping between NAS and BDP, but I hoped this is standardized by DLNA...
    I tried most of the compatibility profiles on Synology, but no luck.

    2) Is it anyhow possible to make BDP remeber last position of the last watched movie? I found out that this probably should be supported by both client (BDP to provide UI) and server (NAS to provide the date/time metadata) to make it work. Does anybody have experience or advice?

    Thank you very much.
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