I recently purchased the HTS 3564 system from Amazon. The system has good sound, but the interface is painfully slow and filled with bugs. Netflix lags and Youtube lags even more than Netflix. Its makes using the system unsatisfying. Sometimes the unit will stop responding for no apparent reason and I will have to shut it down and restart it. I say that there was a firmware update released, but my system has the latest version of the firmware already installed. Is there some other firmware version that could correct these issues? Does philips plan to correct the issues or just leave the consumers pretty much screwed? I have also noticed that the unit needs better heat management. I have barely seen the cooling fan come on. The unit gets REALLY hot and the fan rarely comes on. I noticed when I disconnected my optical cable from my cable box and reconnected it to the system, the fan came on briefly and went off. I think that the fan needs to be run more often and that the system is allowed to become too hot.