When you are having a party, in most cases you don't know how the mood will change beforehand. So even if you were extremely diligent with your playlist, it might just not be the right music for the right moment.
However, it ticks people off, when you change from song to song in the middle of a song. Therefore, it would be a great feature, if you could select songs ("adding them to your current playlist") while you are still listening to the song running. I know that this is possible, using Spotify on my PC or my mobile phone.

Now, why is it that this feature is not available on the Philips Software? Or did I just not find it? In my opinion, the Philips music system should be as comfortable for the user as possible. So why not add this? While you are at it: Why not add the possibility to use Spotify Connect, as well. Then, I could do whatever I would like with Spotify on my PC or my mobile, but still listen to great sound with my music system.

How does this sound?