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v1.30.00 is released for HTB5540D/93, HTB5570D/93, HTB5541DG/93, HTB5571DG/93 models.

Related Product Model/Chassis:


• v1.30.00
o Fix bug during start up

The former firmware version includes the following changes:

• v1.29.03
o Optimize and enhance sound quality

• v1.28.13
o Add Woole feature

• v1.28.08
o Enhance playability of MP3 files
o Improve performance related to Wi-Fi

• v1.28.03
o Improve Russia On-screen Display
o Fix Lip sync issue
o Improve speaker volume control in speaker settings
o Introduce SmartTV V2.0
o Introduce iRadio


o 2013-12-23 Upgrade SW to v1.29.03
o 2013-11-18 Upgrade SW to v1.28.13
o 2013-11-15 Resume SW to v1.28.08 (withdraw SW v1.28.10)
o 2013-11-14 Upgrade SW to v1.28.10
o 2013-10-21 Upgrade SW to v1.28.08
o 2014-08-12 Upgrade SW to v1.30.00

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